Multi-Stage CI/CD Pipelines as Code with YAML For Azure DevOps

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This video will focus on how to use CI/CD Pipelines as Code with YAML for Azure Pipelines. How to create a Multi-stage pipeline using a YAML file. It will provide Pipelines as Code with YAML tutorial for Beginners | Multi-stage Azure Pipelines training.

Learn a complete tutorial for creating the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines as Code using YAML configuration Language.

This will cover, creating the application infrastructure on the cloud with Azure SQL, Azure Service Plan, Azure SQL Server and configuring firewall rules to allow Azure Web App to communicate with Azure SQL Server.

Also, how to create a new YAML pipeline from Azure DevOps pipelines template for ASP.NET which includes tasks in YAML that restore all the NuGet packages, build the ASP.NET application and run unit test, create Web.Zip of the app and store that on Azure Artifacts then pick this package and deploy it to the Web App and SQL Server on Azure.

Using YAML (Yet Another Markup Language). This allows us to access pipeline features but with a markup file that can be managed like any other source control file. YAML build definitions can be added to a project by simply adding their source file to the root of the repository. Azure DevOps also provides default templates for popular project types, as well as a YAML designer to simplify the process of defining build and release tasks.

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Multi-Stage CI/CD Pipelines as Code with YAML For Azure DevOps
YAML provides an easy way to define multi-stage CI/CD pipelines as code, allowing for efficient and repeatable deployments to Azure DevOps. This allows for efficient automation of the build, test, and deployment process while also providing visibility into the entire process.

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Mohamed Radwan

Mohamed Radwan

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Mohamed is an Azure DevOps/GitHub MVP and Principal DevOps consultant in the UK specializing in DevOps Practices, Technologies, Agile and Azure Platform. Over 20 years, Mohamed has helped over 60 enterprise companies based around the globe some of them from the Fortune 500, including the UK, Denmark, USA, and France, among others. He has a huge passion for automation with professional experience spanning the various stages and phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. He has authored many technical guides, papers, and automation frameworks published on GitHub, Azure DevOps Marketplace, and other technical communities. He contributes to technical communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and many others. He has frequently spoken at many technology conferences and events such as Microsoft Tech Days UK, Microsoft Ignite the Tour in London, Campus Days in Denmark, and Microsoft Open Days in Ehers. Mohamed has a YouTube channel and has hundreds of videos and articles with thousands of subscribers and millions of views from all over the globe.

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