Deploy Docker image to Kubernetes Cluster | CI-CD for Azure Kubernetes Service

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Learn how to configure CI/CD pipelines to automatically push a docker image to Kubernetes cluster abstracted by Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

Learn how to pull a docker image from a public container registry, deploy your application to the docker image then push the image to a private container registry to get ready to be picked up by the release pipeline.

What will be covered in this video:

• Create Kubernetes cluster using Azure cli
• Create an Azure Container Registry (ACR), AKS and Azure SQL server
• Provision the Azure DevOps Team Project with a sample .NET Core application
• Configure application and database deployment, using Continuous Deployment (CD) in the Azure DevOps using Azure Pipelines
• Initiate the build to automatically deploy the application to Docker image, push the image to private Azure registry.
• Automatically trigger release pipeline to pull the docker image and push it to Kubernetes cluster

Main steps:
• Get the latest version of Kubernetes cluster so we can deploy it to Azure Kubernetes cluster
• Setting up the environment: Here we will configure three Azure resources namely Azure container registry, AKS, and Azure SQL server.
• Configure Build and Release pipeline: we will manually map Azure resources such as AKS and Azure Container Registry to the build and release definitions
• Trigger a Build and deploy application: Trigger a build manually and upon completion, an automatic deployment of the application will be triggered.
• Access the Kubernetes web dashboard in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): A short note on web dashboard in Azure Kubernetes that assists basic management operations.

Key Advantages of Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

• Hosts your Kubernetes environment.
• Quick and easy to deploy
• Hosted control plane
• Manages containerized applications without container orchestration expertise.
• Eliminates burden of ongoing operations and maintenance by provisioning, upgrading, and scaling resources on demand while keeping the application online.
• Continuous build option that creates Docker images for faster deployments and reliability.
• Create resources and infrastructure inside the Azure Kubernetes cluster through Deployments and services manifest files.

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Mohamed Radwan

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Mohamed is an Azure DevOps/GitHub MVP and Principal DevOps consultant in the UK specializing in DevOps Practices, Technologies, Agile and Azure Platform. Over 20 years, Mohamed has helped over 60 enterprise companies based around the globe some of them from the Fortune 500, including the UK, Denmark, USA, and France, among others. He has a huge passion for automation with professional experience spanning the various stages and phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. He has authored many technical guides, papers, and automation frameworks published on GitHub, Azure DevOps Marketplace, and other technical communities. He contributes to technical communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and many others. He has frequently spoken at many technology conferences and events such as Microsoft Tech Days UK, Microsoft Ignite the Tour in London, Campus Days in Denmark, and Microsoft Open Days in Ehers. Mohamed has a YouTube channel and has hundreds of videos and articles with thousands of subscribers and millions of views from all over the globe.

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