ليه فيه موظف بيقبض ٢٠ مرة قد موظف تاني (الأداء الوظيفي)؟

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ليه فيه موظف بيقبض ٢٠ مرة قد موظف تاني (الأداء الوظيفي)؟

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Mohamed Radwan

Mohamed Radwan

DevOps and Azure Cloud
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Mohamed is an Azure DevOps/GitHub MVP and Principal DevOps consultant in the UK specializing in DevOps Practices, Technologies, Agile and Azure Platform. Over 20 years, Mohamed has helped over 60 enterprise companies based around the globe some of them from the Fortune 500, including the UK, Denmark, USA, and France, among others. He has a huge passion for automation with professional experience spanning the various stages and phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. He has authored many technical guides, papers, and automation frameworks published on GitHub, Azure DevOps Marketplace, and other technical communities. He contributes to technical communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and many others. He has frequently spoken at many technology conferences and events such as Microsoft Tech Days UK, Microsoft Ignite the Tour in London, Campus Days in Denmark, and Microsoft Open Days in Ehers. Mohamed has a YouTube channel and has hundreds of videos and articles with thousands of subscribers and millions of views from all over the globe.

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